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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1135169018415538614030747135*Krishna BhargavaWest Epping2021/20221st Grade3 1Northbridge
211277625415543734054967112*Benjamin WhitbreadNorth Ryde RSL2021/20221st Grade8 1Northbridge
3872276796155550394584587*Matthew KeyteNorthbridge2021/20221st Grade2 1Sydney United
4781305760155560403074878Kevin JohnsonCammeray2021/20221st Grade3 1Sydney United
575159879115529437403772475*Abhishek SaraswatSydney United2021/20221st Grade4 1West Epping
6701305760155560394584770Kevin JohnsonCammeray2021/20221st Grade2 1North Ryde RSL
7546714511553861403772454*Vinodh ThanabalasingamWest Epping2021/20221st Grade4 1Sydney United
8541246783155560403774454*Chris WalkerCammeray2021/20221st Grade6 1Sydney United
9542142397155550405496754Matthew WalkerNorthbridge2021/20221st Grade8 1North Ryde RSL
105311363651556889403774553Luke JobsonNorth Shore2021/20221st Grade6 1North Ryde RSL
11518762241554373403772651Benjamin De CariaNorth Ryde RSL2021/20221st Grade5 1Sydney United
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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